Mahboob Bin Al Ruhail Mosque, Mabela, Oman

Solutions applied
Products used
Project size
  • 680 m2

New Nautilus Evo improved the sustainable profitability of Mahboob Bin Al Ruhail Mosque by reducing the use of concrete and lightening the roof slab by up to 30 %. The mosque is located in Mabela, several kilometers northwest of Muscat, Oman. It covers a total 680 m2 area, consisting of 2 main volumes: a cone-shaped minaret and the main prayer hall.

The prayer hall was conceived as a circular open-plan space spanning almost 26 m. The builders needed a solution that would minimize the self-weight of the large-span roof slab. Our experts suggested New Nautilus Evo H40 which offered multiple benefits:

  • The self-weight of the slab was decreased by 30 %, permitting it to span 26 m with only a 60 cm height,
  • The recycled plastic modules and reduced use of concrete increased the sustainability of the project, saving around 50,000 kg of CO2,
  • A bidirectional load disposition was particularly convenient for the circular floor plan of the mosque.

Geoplast Technical Department helped with structural calculations and developing the roof slab drawings. The project was done with our partners The Modern Council Trad & Cont and Geoplast Oman.

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