3 projects made better with New Nautilus Evo

Although it was designed as a lightened slab formwork, New Nautilus Evo can be utilized on various parts of the building. Recently, it was used in these 3 projects, each time improving the sustainable profitability of another structural element.

Ligher foundations
Designer Outlet, Zagreb, Croatia
The Designer Outlet Croatia was built on unstable soil, so they needed a solution for the construction of the foundation slab. New Nautilus Evo helped reduce concrete in foundations, improving the sustainable profitability of the entire project.

Lightweight slabs
Rolland Garros Airport, Reunion, France
Our partners were commissioned to redesign the full concrete slabs of the Arrival Terminal. New Nautilus Evo was used to lighten the slabs, minimizing the time and cost of construction.

Greater roof span
Mehboob Bin Al Ruhail Mosque, Mabela, Oman
The project of the Mabela mosque involved a circular open-space plan spanning almost 26 m. New Nautilus Evo reduced the self-weight of the roof slab by 30 %, allowing it to span the entire space with only a 60 cm height.