Beat the heat with Geoplast green solutions

Beat the heat with Geoplast green solutions

The climate crisis is causing severe heat waves this year as well, raising peak electricity loads and Co2 emissions. The global warming effects could be mitigated by increasing green areas in your neighborhood. Here are 3 easy-to-install Geoplast solutions you can apply right now.

Increase green areas with Salvaverde

Salvaverde is a hexagonal slip-resistant grid for creating green turfs. It can simultaneously be used for pedestrian access or for creating driveways and parking areas.

Create green walls with Wall-Y

Wall-Y is a vertical grid for creating green walls. Along with increasing neighborhood green areas, it lowers energy use by improving the natural thermal insulation of the building.

Build green roofs with Drainroof

Drainroof is our multi-purpose recycled plastic panel. It creates extensive or intensive green roofs, protects the waterproofing membrane, and prevents rainwater runoff and flooding.