Designer Outlet Croatia, Zagreb

Solutions applied
Products used
Project size
  • 21000 m2

Our New Nautilus Evo is used as both environmentally sustainable and cost-effective solution for the construction of concrete foundation slab, which improves sustainable profitability of the shopping complex Designer Outlet Croatia, in Zagreb, Croatia. The complex is designed by ATP architects engineers as a small urban area with narrow streets and compact squares, in Rugvica municipality in the eastern part of Zagreb. The center includes 75 individual shops and restaurants covering a total of 15,500 m2.

New Nautilus Evo H32 is used as a sustainable solution for lightweight foundations, which was necessary since the complex is built on wet soil. The construction contains 14,400 pcs of New Nautilus Evo, reducing the weight up to 30 %.

Advantages of this lightweight construction for the foundation slab include:  

  • Easy and fast building process with light elements that save time needed for installation,
  • Reduction of the amount of concrete that saves costs and decreases CO2 emissions,
  • Excellent results in terms of seismic response because of the reduced weight of foundation slab and high sturdiness,
  • Rigid foundation slab that can distribute the load on a wide surface, providing high load-bearing resistance.

Designer Outlet Croatia is awarded BREEAM “Excellent” sustainability certification. The certificate is awarded to projects with above average performance in energy use, innovation, and materials used for the construction. Our New Nautilus Evo improved sustainability of the project because it reduces energy consumption in the construction phase, lowers CO2 emission, and is made of recycled polypropylene (PP).

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