4 quick and easy steps to install Matrix

4 quick and easy steps to intall Matrix

Matrix is our recycled plastic formwork for concrete raised floors with MEP systems. Unlike the metal raised floors, Matrix is composed of only 2 elements: the base grid and top formwork, which are extremely fast and easy to set up. Here is a quick installation guide.

1. Place the base grid
1. Place the base grid
Lay the base grid on top of the slab. Couple the modules together by pressing the edges to connect the hooks.
2. Install the MEP systems
2. Install MEP systems
Lay the MEP systems according to project requirements, using the rectangular Matrix grid as guide.
3. Install the top formwork
3. Install the top formwork
Place Matrix top formwork on top of the MEP systems. Install the modules in rows, from right to left.
4. Cast the concrete
4. Pour the concrete
Put the rebar over the formwork and pour the concrete.

With Matrix, you have created a seamless, steady base, suitable for any kind of flooring: wood, ceramics, textile, linoleum, etc.