Arrival Terminal, Roland Garros Airport, Reunion, France

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New Nautilus Evo minimized the time and cost of construction of the Arrival Terminal at Roland Garros Airport on Reunion Island.

The VINCI Construction company commissioned Geoplast Technical Office to redesign the floors of the Arrival Terminal, which were initially conceived as a system of beams and prefabricated solid slabs.

Geoplast suggested lightening the slabs with New Nautilus Evo, which brought multiple advantages over the full slab solution: 

  • Shorter construction time,
  • Lower lifting equipment costs,
  • Up to 20 % less concrete,
  • Up to 10 % less steel,
  • Reduced need for supporting beams.

Geoplast Technical Office provided support and consulting throughout the entire redesign project, from the construction phase through to the analysis of the built slab structure. 

In addition to recognizing the advantages of New Nautilus Evo, the client greatly appreciated Geoplast’s technical support and responsiveness in fulfilling project requirements.

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