Marina Casablanca Center, Morocco

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The rooftop of Marina Shopping Mall in Casablanca was built as the green roof. Since mild climate in north Morocco brings plentiful rains during the winter months, the green roof  was designed with two main goals in mind:

  • Provide extra insulation on the roof, decreasing the energy required for cooling of the building in Summer 
  • Retain the abundant rainwater preventing its run-off during winter.

Drainroof solved these problems by:

  • Creating draining layer that accumulates and releases stormwater slowly,
  • Keeping the roof surface cooler during the summer heat,
  • Retaining rainwater on the roof and releasing it only gradually to the sewage system, thus reducing the risk of flooding. 

We are proud to have participated in this project, since Marina Shopping Mall is one of the first buildings in Africa containing a green roof.

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