Avioclub Let’s Fly, Chieti, Italy

Solutions applied
Products used
Project size
  • 200 m2

The Aeroclub Let’s Fly sought a sustainable and easy-to-install solution for setting up a helipad in the agricultural fields near Paglieta, a town in the Province of Chieti, Italy.

Geocross modules, each measuring 58 x 58 cm and weighing only 1.5 kg, were selected for their lightweight and durable properties. A total of 600 pieces were used to create a non-slip surface for helicopter landings. 

The installation required no excavation, ground preparation, or grass sowing. The modules were simply placed and manually buckled together by individual workers, then rolled into the ground with a compactor.

Geocross features a 60% closed cell structure, ensuring that the surrounding green areas remained undamaged and maintained their natural permeability. The agricultural integrity of the area was preserved while providing a functional and safe landing surface for the Aeroclub.

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