Top Geoplast projects in France

We are proud to have participated in several projects of high-end importance and design in France. Public, scientific, and office buildings were complex design and structural challenges we efficiently resolved with performances of our products.

Le Nuage, Monpellier

Le Nuage was designed by Philippe Starck. Skydome was used to create 4,500 m2 of floor slabs, improving the sound insulation and increasing constructive spans. Main advantage of waffle slabs is decreased volume of concrete embedded, which decreases weight of the structure.
Product: Skydome
Solution: Slabs solutions

Galeries Lafayette, Rennes

Lafayette, New Nautilus Evo, Geoplast

Renovation and extension of the Galleries Lafayette was a challenge because of its local conditions for construction works: narrow streets which prevented transport, weak non bearable old walls, and requirement to build lightweight slabs moulded in-situ.
Product: New Nautilus Evo
Solution: Slabs solutions

EDF Research centre, Paris

EDF Research centre, Paris, Airplast, Geoplast

50,000 m2 of floor slabs in EDF Research Centre were built with Airplast, our product for monodirectional lightweight slabs. Large complex, containing various functional zones, required construction which allows flexibility in interior space organization.
Product: Airplast
Solution: Slabs solutions

Marchesini HQ, Paris

Marchesini HQ, Geoplast, Drening

This small office building, formally embedded into ground, contain underground basins 1,000 m2 large. Basins serve to collect and drain rainwater, allowing its reuse. Drening requires low-depth excavation, is suitable for installment in limited space, preventing the possibility of flooding.
Product: Drening
Solution: Water solutions

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