EDF Research and Development Center, Saclay

Solutions applied
Products used
Project size
  • 50000 m2

The new EDF’s Research and Development Center was built on an 8-hectare ultramodern campus, 25 km south of Paris. 

EDF wanted buildings designed to encourage a synergy between research teams. These are grouped on three levels in the largest, circular building, so as to promote both horizontal and vertical mobility and interaction.

This site represents a new approach to research. Interaction with academic laboratories is encouraged by geographical proximity but also by the fact that two of the EDF Lab buildings are in an open area which is easily accessible to academic researchers.

Geoplast contributed to the construction of this large and innovative building with Airplast, the lightened monodirectional formwork for slabs. In this way, it was possible to build monodirectional slabs poured on site with large spans. Allowing the creation of a lightweight slab and reducing the consumption of steel and concrete. 

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