Top 4 examples of how plastics improve construction

There are tasks in construction that plastics are the best at handling. They are light, durable, and easy to mold, which makes them a better option than metal, wood, and cardboard. Here are our top 4 examples of how plastics improve construction:

1 Punta Cana International Airport
For projects of any size
Before plastics, crafting took too long – formwork had to be measured, cut to size, and fixed piece by piece. Recycled plastic formwork provided a variety of predefined modules that could create structural elements of any size, large or small.
Example project: International Airport, Punta Cana
2 Sydney Light Rail manhole construction
Pour any structural element
Metal and wood were heavy and time-consuming for small and more demanding structures. Plastic was light, easy to use, and suitable for any structural element. Along with being perfect for floors, columns, walls, and slabs, plastics became irreplaceable for stairs, foundations, beams, and shafts.
Example project: Sydney Light Rail manhole construction, Moore Park
3 Marine dock reconstruction
Convenient for any worksite
Metal, wood, and cardboard are very demanding for transport, storage, and installation. Plastics are much easier to use in any conditions – you could use it at sea, in the desert, humid, cold, or hot climates.
Example project: Marine dock reconstruction, Pozzuoli
4 Residential building
Quick to learn
Non-plastic formworks have a much longer learning curve. Plastic formwork could be installed by anyone – skilled or unskilled workers learned how to use it in very short time with minimum instructions.
Example project: Residential building, Baku

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