Geoplast plastic formwork is best for extreme locations

Restoration of deteriorated pillars using Geoplast Geopanel

Using budget and time efficiently can be challenging on any construction site, but difficult localities and weathering conditions force further compromises on the building process. Densely built terrains, heights, marine, remote, or hostile environments put even higher demands on transport, machinery, and manpower, and set drastic limits to what kind of formwork material can be used.

Geoplast plastic formwork has proven to be the go-to solution for many projects built in regular working conditions over the years. As far as difficult or inaccessible worksites go, however, it became irreplaceable and oftentimes the only possible solution because, compared to conventional options, it offered several key advantages:

Suitable for all climates

Unlike wooden, metal, or cardboard formwork, Geoplast formwork is made of durable plastic that can be transported, installed, and stored in all weathering conditions (extreme hot or cold climates, high humidity, even water).

Lower cost of storage and transport

Our formwork is modular and stackable, which greatly reduces the number of truckloads, transport expenses, and saves storage space on remote construction sites.

Less machinery on site

Geoplast formwork is light, weighing a maximum 11 kg, which makes it manually mountable, completely crane-independent, and particularly convenient for busy or inaccessible worksites.

Improved productivity and safety

It is easy to install and quick to dismantle, with almost no power tools needed, which improves workplace productivity and contributes to high-level worksite safety in challenging environments.

Sustainable construction

While traditional formwork uses elements that are later discarded, ours is recyclable and reusable, producing no waste, minimizing the amount of transport to landfills, and adding to the sustainability of the construction process.

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