Restore damaged columns with Geotub

Geoplast, Geotub, Kerisper Bridge column repair, France
Geoplast, Geotub, column reconstruction on Kerisper Bridge, France
Geoplast, Geotub, Kerisper Bridge column repair, France

Column repair is usually done on unstable, unapproachable structures, in limited space and time, and under varying weather conditions. Traditional formwork made of cardboard, wood, or metal is typically unsuitable or out of the question for most of those circumstances.

Geotub is engineered with difficult worksites in mind, which makes it irreplaceable and oftentimes the only solution for damaged column reconstruction. Compared to traditional options, it offers several key advantages:

  • Unlike cardboard tubes, Geotub can be installed laterally and is perfect for cases of exposed reinforcements and column size adjustments,
  • Unlike metal and wood formwork, Getub is light, manually mountable, and ideal when there is no maneuvering space for cranes and machinery,
  • Geotub is stackable and reusable, demanding less storage and transport, which is invaluable for inaccessible or remote sites,
  • Working with Geotub is faster, making it more convenient for the busy city and road sites,
  • It is made of durable plastic and can be installed in any climate, high humidity, even water.

The project of Kerisper bridge at La Trinité-sur-Mer is a perfect example of Geotub’s possibilities. It was built in 1958 and although the work involved column repair and adjustment for heavier loads while building in water, Geotub was assembled and removed with ease, significantly reducing expenses and building time.

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