New Elevetor case study: H-FARM Campus School District

H-FARM Campus School District side aerial view
Geoplast New Elevetor placed at H-FARM Campus School District
Geoplast New Elevetor construction of H-FARM Campus School District
New Elevetor slab backfilling formwork 3d model

About the project

In July 2019, we were contacted by the Carron Cav. Angelo SpA construction company, our long-standing client who had just won a contract for the H-FARM Campus School District. This large educational complex was designed by Zanon Architetti Associati as one of the most important innovation hubs in Europe, with the aim to be self-sufficient for 85% of its energy needs.


Our clients needed a solution for the backfilling of the building’s 25,000 m2 ground floor slab at 2 different heights: 105 and 125 cm. The filling of a slab this big with traditional materials would have been highly unprofitable, with numerous truckloads of material, great transportation expenses, and lost building time.


After analyzing the options, our experts found New Elevetor best for the job. It had all the advantages compared to traditional materials: it was light, high load-bearing, recycled, suitable for up to 3 m height, 80 % faster to install, with unmatched logistical benefits.

Sustainable Profitability

Using unsustainable materials and wasting resources on machinery and transport would have been the exact opposite of what the H-FARM project was aiming for. By making the construction more profitable, our clients also made it more sustainable, building a great case for Sustainable Profitability.

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