5 videos of Geoplast projects that improve sustainable profitability

Geoplast products are designed with the goal to be cost-effective for builders and owners and at the same time to improve environmental sustainability. Our goal is to find a lean solution that meets the specific requirements of any project.

Geotub project: Kalasatama Towers, Helsinki, Finland

Geotub was a cost-saving solution for hardly approachable construction of an underground car park, 30 m below the street level, reducing waste at the site of Kalasatama Redi Towers.

Solutions applied: Formwork

Completa project: Project supermarket extensive green roof in Bologna, Italy

Completa extensive green roof ensures savings in energy costs by increasing thermal insulation and retains up to 20 l/m2 of rainwater enhancing rainwater resilience at the supermarket in Bologna.

Solutions applied: Green

New Elevetor Tank project: Craighouse, Edinburgh, UK

New Elevetor Tank is the cost-saving solution of an underground flood prevention tank improving the rainwater and flood resilience of historical site at Craighouse in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Solutions applied: Water

Modulo project: Industrial building, Agigea, Romania

Modulo reduces costs for maintenance and structural damage by providing stability and high load-bearing capacity of the ventilated foundation slab at the industrial building in Agigea, Romania.

Solutions applied: Foundations

Geoflor project: Parco Giardino Sigurtà, Verona, Italy

Geoflor was a cost-effective and time-saving solution for the construction of 300 m long temporary race track, which protected the grass surface in the Parco Giardino Sigurtà in Verona.

Solutions applied: Green