New Elevetor is suitable for any kind of project

Geoplast, New Elevetor, H Farm
Geoplast, New Elevetor, Dubai 2020 Expo
Geoplast, New Elevetor, Symbiosis Business District
Geoplast, New Elevetor, Refrigiration warehouse
Geoplast, New Elevetor, River terminal

New Elevetor is one of our most used products because, as far as ground-level construction is concerned, you could utilize it for virtually anything. Its design is simple: it consists of 3 elements (a base grille, PVC tube, and square formwork), but offers countless possibilities in terms of size, height, and where it can be installed.

Here is a list of a few examples that bear witness to New Elevetor’s versatility:

Backfilling of slabs

Project: H-FARM Campus School District, Sile River Natural Park, Italy

By using New Elevetor for the backfilling of the 25,000 m2 ground-floor slab, the H-Farm builders saved numerous truckloads of gravel, which significantly decreased transportation costs, on-site storage space, the use of machinery, and building time.

Providing space for ancillary systems

Project: EXPO 2020 Dubai Thematic District, UAE

New Elevetor was used in the construction of 50,000 m2 of landscaped pedestrian surfaces for EXPO 2020. Along with creating elevated slabs, it also provided space for ancillary systems (irrigation, water disposal, lighting, etc.), granting good functionality of the project and greatly decreasing maintenance costs.

Creating sloped surfaces

Project: Symbiosis Business District’s main square, Milan, Italy

Thanks to its ability to easily build access ramps and stairs of up to a 3 m height, New Elevetor helped create different leveled slopes and the scenographic effect of Symbiosis Business District’s 5,000 m2 main square.

Eliminating floor frosting risk

Project: Refrigeration warehouse extension, Padua, Italy

By creating ventilated crawl spaces under the newly-built 3,000 m2 floor slab, New Elevetor eliminated the risk of frost heaving, proving to be the safest and most cost-effective solution for the Refrigeration warehouse extension in Padua.

Flood prevention

Project: River Terminal, New Jersey, USA

Thanks to the fact that it can be easily installed on any worksite, New Elevator was the fastest and the least expensive way to create a barrier between the ground and the warehouse floor slab, offering a safe solution against the risk of flooding.

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