EXPO 2020 Dubai Thematic District

Solutions applied
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Project size
  • 50000 m2

Geoplast took part in the construction of one of the world's largest building sites in 2019 - EXPO 2020 Dubai.

The complex is divided into three Thematic Districts - Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability. The Al Wasl Plaza will be the main public space of the EXPO. The Exposition area is divided in three petal-like surfaces with pavilions. Central dome is being built in the very center of the complex. Pedestrian areas will be shaded by 67,5 m high photovoltaic trees, providing power for the whole EXPO site.

Thematic Districts are already finished, and Geoplast New Elevetor was used to build the whole outdoor spaces usable and livable including all the pedestrian paths of the complex, covering in total 50,000 m2.

New Elevetor's application reflects good functionality granting at the same time the satisfactory development of new plant vegetation with sustainable maintenance cost, the hosting of all ancillaries systems (irrigation, water disposal, lighting, ect…) and the durability of the system.

The project has been implemented by two major landscape contractors under the supply and supervision of EEE Group DWC, Geoplast partner in UAE.

New Elevetor is our formwork for ventilated foundations, and in this project it was used to create elevated pedestrian surface. It was chosen because of its performances that improve sustainability and resilience of the site:

  • Modularity provides easy logistics, storage, and mounting,
  • Light weight provides easy installation process, saving time and therefore costs,
  • Crawl space provides ventilation of the structure, installation of electric and mechanic systems and other infrastructure equipment,
  • Reduction of concrete volume implies less CO2 emission during production,
  • Utilization of recycle polipropilene avoids waste of natural resources.

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