We made the UK even greener

The UK proves that sustainability is possible without sacrificing economic performance: it is ranked 8th in the Global Sustainability Index, 2nd in renewable energy use, and the first major economy that made net-zero 2050 emissions mandatory by law.

Along with its dedication to sustainability, the UK is also famous for its beautiful green landscapes and constant rain, and Completa proved perfect for managing all 3 jobs: it saves up to 35 % of the building’s energy, efficiently regulates rainwater run-off, and creates beautiful green roof gardens at the same time.

Here is a selection of 3 Completa projects that made the UK even greener:

Bermondsey Works, London

Geoplast, Completa, Bermondsey Works, London

The Bermondsey Works residential development was designed with a flat roof and Completa helped transform it into a beautiful community space for the inhabitants. Completa was quick and easy to install, turning the long narrow roof into a dynamic garden covered with wildflower turf, sunbathing benches, and paved footpaths.

Micklands Hill private residence, Reading

Geoplast, Completa, Micklands Hill, Reading

The Micklands Hill residence consists of 3 small pitched pavilions and a central staircase hall designed with a flat green roof. Completa elements were mounted in only a week, creating a lush evergreen roof meadow that also manages rainwater run-off and improves the insulation of the interior.

Primary school, Bolnore Village, Haywards Heath

Geoplast, Completa, Primary school, Bolnore Village

The project for the new primary school in Bolnore Village demanded the highest energy efficiency criteria, and Completa fit perfectly into that category. It was used to create a sloped green roof covered with sedum plants and gravel, enabling great future energy and maintenance savings.

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