In 2023 let’s work together for sustainable construction

In 2022, we worked together with you to make construction more sustainable. In 2023, we hope to work together even more. These are the 3 main principles we suggest:

Use our products for more solutions
All our products are designed for multiple solutions. Seeing our products as swiss knives of construction will allow using them in more projects.

Example: Geopanel can be used for at least 5 solutions – Foundation beams, Wall construction, Large columns construction, Slab supporting decks, and Art stone texture panels.

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Use several different products together in a single project
Using several products in one project is one of their greatest strengths. This is how we can compound the sustainability and cost-saving benefits.

Example: Symbiosis Business District main square in Milan was built with Modulo, New Elevetor, and Multimodulo, making it more sustainably profitable.
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Use our products in all projects everywhere
Our products are designed to improve all projects everywhere, from smallest to biggest, with each being equally important.

Example: Micklands Hill Private residence, Marine dock reconstruction, Pacific Center Panama, Terminal 1 Center San Francisco Airport.

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2023 is a step towards making sustainable profitability in construction a global approach. Let’s build together. Thank you for your support.

Happy New 2023 from Geoplast!