Our favorite 2022 projects

2022 was a success for sustainability. The construction industry is accelerating toward the 2050 goal and the awareness about the necessity for sustainable solutions is increasing. 2022 was our most productive year regarding sustainable construction. Here are our favorites:

1 Mahboob Bin Al Ruhail Mosque, Mabela

Mahboob Bin Al Ruhail Mosque, Mabela

The Mabela Mosque was built as a circular open-plan space spanning almost 26 m. Since a full concrete solution would waste tons of concrete, the engineers used New Nautilus Evo, which lightened the slab by up to 30 % and helped span the space with only a 60 cm height.

2 Punta Ala Equestrian Center, Punta Ala

Punta Ala Equestrian Center, Punta Ala

Sustainable water use is a top priority in battling the climate crisis and Aquabox is one of our most sought-after products in that regard. The Punta Ala Equestrian Center chose to install it in the nearby equestrian field in order to reuse the rainwater for irrigation purposes.

3 Framlingham Castle, Suffolk

Framlingham Castle, Suffolk

Framlingham Castle is an 11th-century estate in Suffolk that needed a new car park without damaging the existing green areas. Geocross helped build a durable, anti-slip vehicle surface on the existing turf, while preserving the natural water cycle at the estate.

4 Equinix Center, Milan

Equinix Center, Milan

Aquabox’s modular design is easily adjustable to any available area, which sets it apart from concrete and gravel options. The Equinix Center basin had to be built at a low excavation depth, so the builders used only 2 Aquabox rows, with a total height of 1.2 m (0.4 + 0.8 m).

Evidently, stormwater management remains in strong focus as in the previous years. Green solutions go hand in hand – we are getting more and more inquiries for consulting. Lowering emissions is another growing issue, resulting in builders trying to reduce the use of concrete.

We hope that you will join us on our path and build many sustainable projects next year.


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