Geoplast product versatility – more benefits from each product

Geoplast New Elevetor backfilling of slabs
Geoplast New Elevetor construction of ramps
Geoplast New Elevetor root protection of trees
Geoplast Geopanel construction of walls, pillars and columns
Geoplast Geopanel construction of beams
Geoplast Geopanel srt stone textured panels
Geoplast Drening stormwater accumulation, draining and disposal
Geoplast Drening Reflue wastewater management

Besides designing new products we also actively study construction in progress in order to discover and validate new solutions in which we can use our current products. This process has always been a part of our work and has resulted in the added benefit of product versatility. Many of our products can solve many different problems, offering great advantages to our customers and construction projects. These are our favorite examples:

New Elevetor

New Elevetor is one of our foundation solutions designed for the backfilling of ground-level slabs. As it simultaneously forms void spaces it can also be used for a variety of other purposes, such as the ventilation of slabs, insulation, or installing MEP systems. This same quality allows it to be applied in projects that are out of its product range, such as root protection of trees and flood prevention. The latter also gave way to the development of New Elevetor Tank, our water product for the building of concrete stormwater management tanks.


Geopanel is our reusable plastic formwork for the construction of concrete walls. Its simplicity and sizing range have made it convenient for casting any flat concrete surface and the go-to formwork for inaccessible spaces. Where its versatility especially comes to the fore, however, is in combination with our other solutions. Thanks to the shared set of accessories, Geopanel can be integrated with our other formwork products and used in the construction of virtually any structural element: rectangular, elliptical, and large columns, foundation beams, slab supporting decks, even aesthetic solutions such as art stone textured panels.


Drening is our high-capacity stormwater management module applicable for a variety of purposes: accumulation, draining, infiltration, or rainwater disposal. The fact that it is made of chemically inert regenerated HD PE also enables its use for water and air distribution systems that demand a stable chemical environment. This has led to its utilization for rainwater harvesting and the development of 2 more products: Drening Reflue for domestic wastewater management and Biodrening for channeling harmful vapors from industrial, agricultural, and composting systems.

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