Geopanel for Lean construction

Geopanel lean construction

Formwork solutions offer big opportunities for Lean construction improvements. Formwork is among the highest costs in the construction process, and its planning is considered one of the main factors of its successful and efficient completion. Our Geopanel can substantially improve Lean construction because of its efficient handling on the building sites of all project types, sizes, and complexities. So far, it has proved its versatility and has fulfilled Lean principles that make the construction process more efficient and cost-effective.

Waste elimination

Traditional wooden formwork reuse is usually 20 to 25 times. Unlike traditional formwork, Geopanel can be reused for more than 100 times. It is produced from recycled plastics and can be recycled itself. Formwork consists of modular plastic panels installable manually and accessories (handles, spacers, anchor nuts, edge covers, and others) used with ease and without leftovers. Other benefits Geopanel offers are:

  • Replaces wood preventing its waste,
  • Itself leaves no waste parts,
  • Adapting to any wall’s dimension,
  • No additional processing before new positioning needed.

Efficient workflow

The stackability and modularity of Geopanel make it easily transportable to the construction site. Geopanel also provides:

  • Less formwork system parts,
  • Fast installation and dismantling,
  • Easy storage and removal from one to another installation position,
  • Less manpower and no machinery required.

Cost reduction

Decreased costs are directly caused by efficient work plan and good construction site organization. Geopanel saves costs due to its:

  • Lightweight (4 – 11 kg per panel) that saves transport and mounting process,
  • Modularity and simple installation process,
  • Reusability for more than 100 times,
  • Less manpower and no machinery required.

Worksite safety

Geopanel provides worksite safety preventing injuries and damages with:

  • Simple handling and removal,
  • Small number of workers needed,
  • No machinery needed, even in limited working space.

Our formwork products are available for rent and purchase.

For clean, lean, efficient, and more sustainable construction site, contact our experts.

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