Palazzo Canova a new residential complex in Padua

Palazzo Canova is a residential complex located in the municipality of Noventa Padovana, near Padua in Italy. It consists of seven large apartments, one on the ground floor with a large private garden, and the remaining six on other three floors. The design has been conceived to respond to the needs of contemporary living, favoring a strong relationship between the exterior and interior. 

In order to meet expectations in terms of both appearance and material quality, the following Geoplast solutions were used: Modulo, the recycled pp system for ventilated foundation plates concrete, Geopanel, modular formwork in ABS for walls and‪ Geopanel Star‬, modular formwork in ABS for columns.

The Modulo formwork offers sustainability by using 25% less concrete per slab and prevents potentially dangerous vapor intrusion — the accumulation of subsoil gases in occupied areas of buildings.  Intrusive vapors can also be produced by gasoline, household solvents, and cleaners.

In addition to being quick and easy to use, the Geopanel system is also very cost effective. Geopanels can be reused over 100 times when properly maintained. Our formworks are highly resistant - Geopanel can take the load of up to 60 KN/m2, while Geopanel Star can take up to 80 KN/M2 of fresh concrete. 

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