Our top projects in Italy

Covering various solutions and improving sustainability and resilience of buildings and their surroundings, Geoplast products were used in many projects throughout Italy. Our products not only improve buildings’ performances but also improve safety and efficiency during the construction phase.

Our top projects completed in Italy

Allianz Sports Hall in Milan

Milano Allianz

Four underground basins under public area around the Hall, with a capacity of 400 m3, were created with Drainpanel. These basins serve to accumulate the rainwater and provide fast elimination of surface water during rainfalls.

Kilometro Rosso in Bergamo

Large green turf area of 2,200 m2 around Kilometro Rosso Science and Technology Park was planned to be driveable. For that purpose, our Geoflor was used, and has been successfully protecting grass and its roots.

Portello residencies in Milan


Foundation walls of new residential complex in City Life area in Milan are protected from damp with our Defender. Defender provides ventilation of walls and resists compression forces toward walls’ surface caused by soil.

MondoJuve Mall in Turin

MondoJuve Mall

Under parking lot of MondoJuve Mall in Turin, an underground tank for water accumulation was created with New Elevetor Tank. The water collected is previewed to be used for fire protection.

Santo Stefano hospital in Prato

Santo Stefano

Around 235,000 m2 of voided slabs of Santo Stefano hospital were created with New Nautilus, both with single and double variation. This way, bidirectional slabs weigh less and are more resilient to seismic load.

University of Padua

University of Padua

Ventilated foundations of New Campus of University of Padua are created with Modulo and Multimodulo. The infrastructure equipment that supports the Campus buildings is placed in crawl space under foundations.

XX Settembre square in Rovigo

XX Settembre

A new park in Rovigo is equipped with two underground basins built with Drening. One basin is planned for drainage of the green area, and the other serves to collect the rainwater for later reuse in irrigation process.

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