Geocycle: Multi-solution for urban infrastructure resilience

Geocycle is our cost-effective solution for a sustainable roundabout island design, which mitigates Urban Heat Island effects and improves flood resilience of the road. Our Geocycle roundabout has zero hydrogeological impact, reusing the rainwater for irrigation or slowly releasing it to the ground. Also, our roundabout requires low maintenance, since there is no need for frequent gardening, irrigation, or servicing.

Geocycle consists of three main layers. On the top is the sedum layer, which allows simple maintenance of plants and requires minimal nutrition. Sedum is placed in Drainroof trays that accumulate and retain rainwater, providing slow water release. The lowest layer is Drening, which creates high capacity dispersion and accumulation chambers, providing rainwater storage.

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Dell’ Angelo Hospital Green Roof, Venice, Italy
XX Settembre Square Water Storage Basins Rovigo, Italy

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