Real estate development emerging trends

Real estate development trends

Geoplast solutions can substantially decrease building costs during the construction phase of the project. Depending on the project requirements, there are different real estate trends that can help investors and building companies. Our solutions for residential, commercial and industrial buildings, as well as infrastructure projects, can minimize building-related costs and risks.

Single-family housing

Multi-family housing

  • Lower energy costs: Our multi-solution projects which combine slabs solutions and formwork solutions, lower the overall costs for concrete, machinery, and electricity on the worksite.
  • Reuse: Lightweight slabs and thin columns allow an adjustable apartment floor plan, which means that the apartments can easily adapt to customer demands, which improves ROI for the whole construction project.
  • Fast building / Lean construction: Our lightweight slabs can decrease the amount of concrete up to 20%, allowing lighter supporting structure, which reduces overall construction costs for a multi-story building.

Commercial buildings

  • Lower energy costs: The reduction of concrete in lightweight slabs reduces CO2 emissions, decreasing the overall amount of concrete for construction, and lowering the costs of concrete production, machinery, and manpower.
  • Reuse: Our lightweight slabs solutions allow open-space buildings that are easily adapted to any use, and adjustable to changes in market demands, improving the value of the real estate property.
  • Fast building / Lean construction: Lean construction is the most important feature of the complex commercial projects because of the efficient workflow, which results in cost reduction at the worksite and shorter time for construction.

Industrial buildings

  • Lower energy use: Our foundation solutions provide crawl space between the slab and the soil level, reducing the costs for the thermoregulation, and lowering the repair expenses for installation pipes.
  • Resilience: Our ventilated foundations improve flood resilience, seismic resilience and eliminate moisture and radon gas from the soil, raising the value of the industrial building.
  • Fast building / Lean construction: Our slabs and formwork products allow fast construction of industrial buildings because of the reusability of modules and the reduction of waste.

Infrastructure projects

  • Lower energy use: For various infrastructure projects (roads, bridges, subway stations, etc.) our formwork solutions save costs for machinery and electricity during the construction.
  • Resilience: Adjustable cross-section of our formwork improves earthquake resilience of columns for road and bridge infrastructure, preventing costs for possible damage in disaster recovery.
  • Fast building / Lean construction: Our products are lightweight, stackable and easy for installation, which is a great solution for infrastructure projects that are situated at unapproachable, difficult or submerged locations.