Top 5 advantages of Drainpanel over gravel

Top 5 advantages of Drainpanel over gravel

Gravel is an integral part of the construction industry and one of the most commonly used draining materials. It is also bulky and heavy, requiring massive amounts of the unsustainably sourced material, transportation, and mechanical equipment.

Drainpanel provides a more sustainable and more profitable alternative because it was engineered with the above issues in mind. Below are its top 5 advantages.

1 Drainpanel versatility


Unlike gravel, Drainpanel is designed for multitasking. It can be used for both rainwater infiltration and retention for reuse, depending on the type of geotextile used to cover the basin.

2 Drainpanel 96 % retention capacity

96 % retention capacity

Drainpanel has a 3 times greater void ratio than gravel. This makes it able to retain more water with a basin size, replacing tons of unsustainable material with nothing but air.

3 Drainpanel manual handling 2

Manual handling

Drainpanel is lightweight. With only 10 kg per module, it can be handled and installed manually, with no power tools and mechanical lifting equipment.

4 Drainpanel efficient logistics and storage

Efficient logistics and storage

Thanks to it being stackable, Drainpanel requires 75 fewer truckloads than gravel for a 450 m3 basin. This reduces storage space and provides more efficient logistics, making great savings in transport.

5 Drainpanel inspection

Easy inspection

While gravel offers no inspection possibilities, Drainpanel is made of hollow plastic that can be easily accessed for maintenance through system inspection points.

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