Geoplast Space City Solutions are here!

Geoplast Space City Solutions

We are proud to announce that in cooperation with top space agencies from all continents and after years of research, we are ready to launch our new products dedicated to the building of space cities. As we are getting closer to building safe habitats on other planets, we felt that it was necessary to start making products that allow sustainable and profitable buildings there as well.

Our Space City Solutions products are extremely light, making transport from Earth affordable. All products are made of recycled, highly resistant, and durable materials which can sustain hostile environments. And most importantly, our designs are based on modularity and easy handling, making assembly in any kind of situation easy.

While we are looking forward to building Moon and Mars cities, we are even more dedicated to making Earth a better place. The innovations we created for our Space City Solutions are based on decades of experience in building Earth cities that are healthier, more sustainable, and more profitable.

Building beyond together.

Happy 1 April 2021 🙂