Aquabox Calculator is available online

Aquabox calculator is available online

Aquabox Calculator is available online.

Aquabox Calculator is Geoplast’s new online tool developed for estimating the amount of Aquabox elements needed for your project. Based on the design parameters you enter, such as geometrical data, the kind of traffic load, and number of inspection shafts, the calculator suggests:

  • Aquabox product features (weight, height, length, and surface),
  • Structure dimensions (storage volume, tank dimensions, infiltration surface),
  • Bill of material (number of Aquabox elements and accessories).

You can download the calculation report with all the input and output data in PDF format and, if you need further assistance, you can leave your contact and project information and our experts will contact you.

Aquabox Calculator is free, with no registration needed, and available in English, Italian, French, German, and Spanish languages.

For more information join our Aquabox webinar.

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