Haul Roads reinforcement

Solution for construction, transport and mining applications. Ideal for reinforcing and stabilizing road surfaces subjected to heavy loads and constant use

  • Haul road reinforcement with Geoplast Runfloor


Grid for high resistance green driveways


Runfloor haul roads are optimal for parking areas, roads used for heavy transport (haul road), concrete or inert carriageways, road drainage, paths, bituminous reinforcements, access ramps for boats.


Runfloor has been designed as an economical solution for the stabilization of soils and roadways. At the same time, it is able to offer high drainage, thanks to a permeability of 90%, all with attention to the environment (made of 100% recycled material).


Widely used to create driveways with the passage of heavy vehicles, Runfloor is able to offer high strength and elasticity, thanks to the material of which LDPE is composed. Combined with concrete or compact aggregates, it is able to withstand the highest stresses, guaranteeing perfect and safe behavior. The 4mm thickness of the grid ribs gives rigidity to the entire structure, providing compactness and stability to the system.


Thanks to the square cell structure of the grid, Runfloor eliminates the leaching of the road surface during the rains, avoiding the creation of holes and consequently reducing the cost of restoration work.


  • Laying speed (120 m2/hour/man)
  • Innovative coupling that guarantees a perfect fit between the grids
  • Highly resistant and elastic material
  • High permeability
  • Resistance to the passage of heavy vehicles
  • DIN1072 certified
  • Can be used in a variety of applications (roads, rest areas, paddocks, boat slides, etc.)
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