Draining floor tiles

For the creation of draining floors for swimming-pools, camping areas, terraces, beaches or sport events, PLASTONELLA is the drainable and easy to install tile which adapts to every need

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Panel for protection of turfs


Plastonella, modular perforated and draining tile is the ideal solution to create draining floors. The completely perforated surface allows a quick drainage, and the anti-slip treatment guarantees the safe passage of people. Its 5 cm thick surface permits the disposal of rainwater, while the twist-lock system facilitates and quickens the installation. PLASTONELLA can be easily removed and used for temporary events and is perfect for terraces, camping sites, gardens, pool edges and outdoors showers, and wherever you may need a green drainage surface.


PLASTONELLA is resistant to atmospheric agents and UV-rays, self cleaning from oils, solvents and chemical agents. In addition you can combine the colours and a large range of drawings and geometrical shapes can be obtained on your draining tiles.


  • Surface drainage
  • Anti-slip surface
  • Ventilation of the floor
  • Protection of the wear layer
  • Load-bearing resistance
  • Easy to install
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