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The ‘net-zero by 2050’ goal can be misleading, giving the wrong impression that we have 30 years ahead to decrease CO2 emissions. The fact is: the building sector is accountable for 38 % of the global energy-related carbon footprint that needs to be massively reduced immediately.

For more than 20 years we have been innovating for sustainability in construction and our products are ready to improve sustainability now, not later. Our range of solutions is available today to civil engineers, architects, and construction managers for the design, building, and refurbishment of projects.


Modulo was our first product in 1998. It was designed to build ventilated crawl spaces and reduce the use of concrete, filling materials, and transport. Since then, we have developed Multimodulo that improves the building speed and New Elevetor for unlimited variations in the casting of concrete elements.

Plastic formwork

Geotub, Geotub Panel, Geopanel, and Geopanel Star were designed for the construction of walls, pillars, and rectangular and round columns. Although each carries particular features in regard to application, they all have one thing in common: decreasing CO2 emissions by being reusable, improving construction speed, and minimizing the use of machinery.


Our monodirectional and bidirectional lightened slabs like New Nautilus, Skyrail, and Skydome reduce the use of concrete by 20 %, which is key to decreasing the carbon footprint. This also lowers the seismic load and the amounts of steel and concrete in other structural elements, making further reductions in the use of materials, transport, and worksite machinery.


Urban heat islands and insufficient insulation are accountable for the persistent increase in energy consumption. Our grids for green pedestrian and vehicle surfaces like Geoflor and Runfloor can replace a great portion of asphalt and pavings in city environments. Along with that, our green roofs and wall solutions such as Drainroof, Completa, and Wall-Y, provide additional insulation, reducing the use of energy for heating and cooling systems by 40 %.

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