Symbiosis Business District used 3 Geoplast products

Geoplast Symbiosis District main square in Milan 3D model
Geoplast foundations solutions
Geoplast Modulo installation at Sybiosis Business District Milan
Geoplast Symbiosis District Milan front view
Geoplast New Elevetor installation at Sybiosis Business District Milan

Landscaping in busy city worksites sets limitations to backfilling and formwork options, resulting in waste of material, transportation, and labor. Instead of making the city more sustainable, this only adds to the building sector’s 10 % of CO2 emissions, going further off from 2050 net-zero.

Symbiosis Business District‘s main square in Milan was a great example of a far more sustainably profitable practice: using 3 of our recycled foundation products that were suitable for any worksite conditions, and had unmatched logistical advantages.

The main square was a 5,000 m2 space of differently leveled paths, seasonal gardens, lakes, and MEP systems in the midst of city infrastructure. Symbiosis Business District chose Modulo, Multimodulo, and New Elevetor, because they were high load-bearing and suitable for 17 to 300 cm height. This saved truckloads of backfilling and concrete while providing MEP space and speeding up the building process.

The Symbiosis District ended up being a showcase for sustainability, labeled with Class A energy performance and LEED Gold and Platinum certificates.

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