Sustainable Profitability at the Olympics

Olympics are a perfect metric of how relevant sustainable profitability is for the construction industry. Tokyo Olympic projects included 33 competition venues, with a total cost estimate of 15.4 billion USD, and took 6 years to complete. Under such pressure, it was necessary to optimize costs and speed, increase profitability, and – most importantly – build and use projects sustainably.

Tokyo Olympic construction projects are still far from our sustainable profitability standards because sustainable materials, green infrastructure, and water management were underused. However, they are the most advanced Olympic games so far, and we expect future games and other large projects to follow the trend.

Below are our Olympic projects each showing how sustainable profitability can be applied to specific sustainable profitability challenges. However, sustainable profitability practice is better when several problems are approached together.

Olympic Village, Winter Olympic Games, Turin, Italy

Geoplast, Modulo, Olympic Village, Turin, Italy

The tender for Turin Olympic Village project proposals gave strict sustainability guidelines regarding energy efficiency and water management. Modulo was used for ground floor slabs, providing slab insulation, rising damp mitigation, and a healthier environment for the athletes and future inhabitants of the Village.

Sliding Center Sanki, Winter Olympic Games, Sochi, Russia

Geoplast, Geopanel Star, Sliding Center Sanki, Sochi Russia

The Sliding Center Sanki was built in Krasnaya Polyana resort at a 121 m elevation, as a 1.3 km long venue for bobsleigh, luge, and skeleton events. Geopanel Star was perfect for this demanding worksite because it was able to create different-sized columns with the same formwork panels and no mechanical equipment.

Fisht Stadium, Winter Olympic Games, Sochi, Russia

Geoplast Geotub Fisht Stadium, Sochi, Russia

Geotub was chosen for the supporting structure of Fisht Stadium in Sochi because it could cast a large number of round columns in record time with lowered transportation costs. It also created a perfectly smooth surface of the columns, ready to be used in the venue’s open-plan interiors.

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