Skynet creates anti-seismic crawl spaces

Skynet anti seismic crawl spaces

Skynet is our latest foundation product, specifically designed for the construction of anti-seismic crawl spaces.

Skynet is superior as an anti-seismic solution compared to compacted soil, gravel, or other plastic lightweight fills because it creates high load-bearing ribbed slabs supported by structural pillars.

Skynet is fully compliant with Eurocode (EC2), NTC2018, and ACI213, which further guarantees seismic performance.

Therefore Skynet not only offers a reduction in concrete and a practical crawl space but also has anti-seismic benefits. It is a culmination of our decades-long innovation in recycled plastic crawl space solutions.
Download the presentation

Below is a presentation prepared by our engineers, explaining in detail Skynet’s features and advantages.

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