Happy 18th birthday Geopanel!

Happy 18th Geopanel

Geopanel is officially an adult!

It was designed 18 years ago by Mirco Pegoraro and manufactured by Geoplast as the first recycled plastic formwork that revolutionized the construction industry.

Geopanel will not drink or get a driving license. However, it will continue to make the construction industry more sustainably profitable by replacing outdated materials and work methods.

Before Geopanel, civil engineers relied on heavy timber and metal formwork that required massive amounts of shipping, machinery, and labor.

Mirco innovated, developing a recycled plastic formwork that had all the advantages and none of the flaws of the old solutions.

After sustainable construction became cool, other companies followed, coming up with their own brands of recycled plastic formwork.

But we were there first. And we celebrate that each year.

Happy 18th birthday, Geopanel!