Preserve natural resources with Geoplast

Preserve natural resources with Geoplast

The construction industry is responsible for over 30 % of natural resource extraction, in spite of sustainability efforts in recent decades. The linear “take, make, dispose” production model is still prevalent in the construction sector, which calls for long-term sustainability strategies.

Geoplast has developed many solutions for preserving natural resources in different segments of the construction process, from worksite organization to roof construction. Below are a few you can use in your projects as of tomorrow.

Transport and machinery reductions – all solutions

Decreasing carbon emissions is crucial for lowering the impact of construction on air quality. Geoplast solutions save storage space and allow for manual installation to reduce transport mileage and equipment use.


Rainwater harvesting – water solutions

Water reuse does not have to be challenging in urban environments. Geoplast water solutions are made in many shapes and sizes: linear, laminated, panels, boxes, etc., in order to easily adjust to any available space and excavation depth.


Material reduction – green, water, formwork, and slab solutions

Mining and forestry industries are at the forefront of linear production, causing devastating effects on local ecosystems. Geoplast recycled plastic solutions replace gravel, sand, timber, and metal, reducing their impact on the environment.


Permeable areas – green and water solutions

Urban development reduces the natural permeability of the land, causing flooding and urban heat island. Geoplast green and water solutions are designed to create new permeable green areas, reducing the climate crisis effects.