Reduce concrete in slabs and foundations now

Reduce concrete in slabs and foundations now

Concrete is bad. Cement production alone is one of the worst polluters in the world, responsible for 8 % of global CO2 emissions. On the other hand, concrete is necessary. It is high load-bearing, versatile, easy to produce, and will continue to be a key structural material until an adequate replacement is found.

Geoplast was founded with the idea that climate action is needed NOW and everywhere, not later and in some places only. Instead of waiting for a change in cement production, we put all our efforts into innovations for climate-resilient construction. For this reason, we already have an array of products that reduce the use of concrete by over 20 %.

Use 30 % less concrete for slabs

New Nautilus, New Nautilus Evo, Skyrail, and Skydome create lightweight monodirectional and bidirectional slabs with a seismic mass reduction of 25 % to 30 %. A decrease in the weight of the slabs lowers the load on other structural elements, e.g. columns, walls, and foundations, decreasing the use of concrete, transport, and worksite machinery throughout the entire construction site.

Use 20 % less concrete for foundations

Modulo, Multimodulo, and New Elevetor can save up to 20 % of concrete and offer unlimited variations in the casting of foundations, floors, ramps, and stairs. With available heights of 13 to 300 cm, they replace tons of concrete and backfilling materials with void space, facilitating the passage of stormwater management and MEP infrastructure at the same time.

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