Geoplast most innovative recent projects

We built many projects in recent years, assisting architects, engineers, and construction managers build in a faster, less expensive, and more sustainable way. Below you will find a selection of a few recent projects we helped improve with our innovations.

H-FARM Campus School District, Roncade

Geoplast New Elevetor H-FARM Campus School District, Roncade

PRODUCT: New Elevetor
PROBLEM: Unnecessary use of gravel for the backfilling of 25,000 m2 ground-floor slab.
INNOVATION: New Elevetor replaces gravel with voided space.
RESULT: 30 times reduction in material use and transportation costs.

Stadium Roland Garros, Paris

Geoplast Modulo project Stade Roland Garros

PROBLEM: Low-bearing existing structure of VIP and kitchen areas.
INNOVATION: Modulo uses 3 times less material than a full concrete structure of the same height.
RESULT: Raised floors without adding excessive loads to the construction.

Sydney Light Rail, Moore Park

Geoplast Sidney Lightrail train

PRODUCT: Geopanel
PROBLEM: Confined worksite with no space for metal and wood formwork lifting equipment.
INNOVATION: Geopanel could be lifted and installed manually.
RESULT: Savings in labor, machinery, and construction time.

Milan Bergamo Airport, Orio al Serio

Geoplast, Aquabox, Milan Bergamo Airport, Orio al Serio, Italy

PRODUCT: Aquabox
PROBLEM: Large impermeable surfaces cause flooding and disrupt airport service.
INNOVATION: Aquabox is more efficient and simpler to install than concrete and gravel basins.
RESULT: Significantly improved stormwater resilience of the Airport area.

Paris-Sud University, Saclay

Geoplast Geopanel Paris-Sud University, Saclay

PRODUCT: Geopanel
PROBLEM: Slow setup of timber formwork for an 85,000 m2 worksite.
INNOVATION: Geopanel is modular and usable for any structural element, e.g. beams, walls, slabs, or columns.
RESULT: Drastically reduced construction time throughout the worksite.

AFI Brasov shopping mall, Brasov

AFI Brasov shopping mall, Brasov, Romania

PRODUCT: Multimodulo
PROBLEM: Difficult installation of MEP systems under the parking floors.
INNOVATION: Multimodulo creates an inspectable MEP space and the floor structure at the same time.
RESULT: Simple MEP installation.

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