Santo Stefano Hospital Lightened Slabs, Prato, Italy

Solutions applied
Products used

The new Prato Hospital is one of the 4 newest hospitals built in the Tuscany region. It was built guided by efficiency, functionality, comfort, and safety using the most advanced construction systems in terms of hospitals.

In fact, for the construction was used New Nautilus, our permanent void former for lightweight bidirectional slabs. In particular, it was used 23.900 sqm. of New Nautilus Double and 210,900 sqm. of New Nautilus single. In this way, it was possible to respect the higher seismic standards to which hospital are subjected and lighten the structure to bestow a seismic response on the building. Moreover, it maintained high structural performances in order to face the huge loads, typical of these buildings. 

The new hospital has 540 beds, 20 beds for intensive brief monitoring of patients, 40 places for dialysis, 15 surgeries, 6 labor wards, and 4 delivery rooms.



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