Our predictions for 2022 construction trends

Geoplast blog 2022 is the year of sustainable profitability

Mirco Pegoraro, CEO & Product Designer

In 2022 the seismic issues will take a back seat in favor of sustainability that will be a predominant theme in all construction sectors. Geoplast recycled plastic products that lower CO2 emissions and have a low energy impact will experience increasing demand in the market. This particularly goes for foundation and slab solutions. Another important issue will be hydraulic invariance. Urban developments are going to have to start integrating public green spaces with sustainable rainwater management, which is expected to raise the demand for green and water solutions. This will all result in increased profitability of projects which implement such measures.

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Luca Zausa, CSO Global

Urban resilience and reduced use of resources are going to be dominant building construction themes in 2022. The public is becoming increasingly aware of environmental issues, particularly those specific to urban areas, such as stormwater management and a general shortage of raw materials. The new legislation will be driven to consolidate public opinion, which will inevitably influence the market trends in the coming year.

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Francesco Guidetti, Chief Engineering Officer

In my opinion, BIM implementation is going to become a central point in the design process in 2022. BIM models will allow engineers and real estate investors to plan material use, energy performance, costs, and maintenance much more efficiently, which will significantly affect the sustainability and profitability of buildings as well.

Following the G20 conclusions, carbon footprint reduction will be another central theme next year. Designers and contractors are going to be challenged on two sides: on the one hand by the real estate that will demand “green buildings”, and on the other by the need to find a way to build with fewer greenhouse emissions.

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Nikola Tosic, CMO

Investors, architects, engineers, construction companies, and real estate sales will all struggle with how to consolidate rising sustainability requirements (regulation, customers, public) and their business needs. While most will want to implement sustainability in their projects, they will be blocked by the lack of know-how and access to innovation. As a reaction to this problem, there will be an accelerated growth for sustainable profitability solutions in construction. Those who have know-how and products which can make projects more sustainable and also more profitable will dominate the market.

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Paolo Pirotto, COO

Carbon emissions are going to be in special focus of the construction market next year since they are already widely recognized as the main cause of climate change. According to our recent BIM Object survey, 75 % of the 2,500 AECOs (architects, engineers, construction companies, and owners) place sustainability as the most important issue in building construction.

Another trend shown by the survey is related to the importance of digitalization to the construction market. The majority (46 %) of AECO expects to find information about new products online. Companies will need to pay more attention to this issue in order to facilitate a faster and more efficient design process.

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Roberto Cecchinato, Head of Sales, Western & Central Europe, Northern & West Africa

Energy use is going to be an important theme in the following year. Millions of buildings are unequipped for contemporary energy standards and will need to be upgraded. In addition, global warming is changing weather patterns – rainfall intensity is going to increase, requiring improvements to the stormwater management infrastructure.

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Alessandro Gagliardi, Head of Sales, EAM APAC, East & Sub-Saharan Africa

In 2022, the construction market is mainly going to be focused on sustainability (low energy impact buildings and reuse of materials) and digitalization (BIM). The focus on climate change will cause a growing interest in green buildings (roof gardens, green facades) and sustainable stormwater management for flood prevention.

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p.s. Happy New Year!