Multimodulo made the AFI Brasov shopping mall more sustainable

AFI Brasov shopping mall, Brasov, Romania
Multimodulo recycled plastic formwork for lightweight structural fillings

The AFI Brasov is a shopping mall and an office building located in the city center of Brasov, Romania. It was commissioned by AFI Europe and designed by Moshe Tzur Architects, as a 93,000 m2 complex with over 200 shops, 3,500 m2 green roof, and a 1,600 spot garage.

The builders were looking for a way to backfill the sloped floors of the mall’s parking and facilitate the stormwater management system. They were also aiming to make this project a showcase in sustainability. Our experts suggested Multimodulo because it was able to solve all 3 problems at once.

Unlike filling materials such as gravel, Multimodulo was designed specifically for large buildings. It incorporated 4 high load-bearing modules and came in a variety of sizes, which made it perfect for stable and precise backing of sloped floors subjected to heavy traffic. At the same time, it created void spaces that allowed the passage of stormwater management and other MEP systems.

Along with that, Multimodulo provided multiple benefits for the sustainability of the project:
– It is made of recycled plastic and can be recycled after it has served its purpose,
– It replaced concrete and gravel with void space, reducing the use of unsustainable materials,
– Reduced use of materials decreased the need for transport to and from the worksite, lowering CO2 emissions and creating less waste.

The AFI Brasov shopping mall was later certified as LEED GOLD green building for the environmental impact of its design, construction, operation, and maintenance.

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