New product: Geopod permanent formwork for raft slabs

New product - Geopod permanent formwork for raft slabs

Geopod – our new product in the foundations range.

Geopod is our new product – a permanent formwork specifically designed for constructing waffle raft foundations and slabs on expansive clay soils.

Geopod’s large modules create ribs spaced at 120 cm, ensuring full compliance with the Australian Residential Slabs & Footings standard AS 2870-2011.

Its large 100 % recycled polypropylene modules reduce the use of concrete compared to smaller pod systems, for an increased sustainable profitability of construction projects.


Geopod elements

Geopod is composed of a unique set of components that enable it to adjust to any slab shape or worksite situation:

  • Large 109 x 109 cm pods with rib centers at 120 cm, compliant with AS 2870-2011,
  • Geopod-Midi, measuring 1/4 of the main pod,
  • Geopod-Mini, measuring 1/8 of the main pod,
  • Spacers for sequential, fast, and easy installation.


Geopod - Permanent modular formwork for raft slabs

  • Compliance with AS-2870 due to the large pod size,
  • Reduced use of concrete compared to smaller pod systems,
  • High stackability for reduced logistics compared to EPS slabs,
  • Fast and easy manual installation thanks to Geopod spacers.

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