5 most important Geopod innovations

5 most important Geopod innovations
Geopod is our innovative permanent formwork for waffle raft foundations and slabs on expansive clay soils. With its large pods and unique set of components, Geopod offers multiple advantages for sustainable profitability compared to EPS and smaller pod systems, including reducing concrete footprint, costs, and project logistics. Below, we present the 5 most important Geopod innovations:
3 high stackability
High stackability for simplified logistics

The high stackability of Geopod simplifies reduces logistical requirements compared to EPS pods, resulting in significant savings in transportation and storage.

1 Large pods
Large pods for reduced concrete use

Geopod was specifically engineered to reduce concrete usage compared to smaller pod systems, enhancing sustainability, material efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in construction projects.

3 Module types
3 module types for adaptability to any worksite

The Geopod range consists of 3 module types – large, midi, and mini modules – along with specially designed spacers, providing adaptability to various slab shapes and worksite situations.

2 100 % recycled
100 % recycled modules for increased sustainability

Geopod is manufactured using 100 % recycled polypropylene, reducing the reliance on virgin materials and mitigating the environmental impact of the construction industry.

5 Ribs spaced at 1200 mm
Ribs spaced at 1200 mm for AS-2870 compliance

Geopod’s large 1090 x 1090 mm modules create ribs spaced at 1200 mm, ensuring full compliance with the Australian Residential Slabs & Footings standard AS 2870-2011.