Aquabox for Equinix Center, Milan – video project presentation

Aquabox is an innovative stormwater management solution ideal for low-excavation depts. It is made of high-capacity recycled plastic modules that easily adapt to any available space, which is especially convenient for busy urban areas.

Recently, our partners built 2 rainwater accumulation basins in Milan, each consisting of only 2 levels: the first level made of Aquabox Cubes and the second level of Aquabox modules.
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With a water retention capacity of 96 %, Aquabox enabled the construction of rainwater tanks 3 times smaller than those using gravel. This allowed our clients to save on space, workforce, and transportation, and make the project more sustainable.

The total basin height was only 1.2 m (0.4 + 0.8 m). Watch the video and see how it turned out.