Geoplast products for reconstruction projects

While the number of new building projects is increasing, current projects also require reconstruction and improvements. Our products are suitable for reconstruction and extension projects because they are lightweight, easily mountable, and suitable for works in limited space.

Here are examples:

Reconstruction of residential buildings

Villa Verbania

Reconstruction of public buildings

Gallery Lafayette

Reconstruction of infrastructure

Viaduct South Italy reconstruction

  • Formwork products are useful in structural renovation of pillars or slabs of old infrastructure objects, because they are lightweight, easy mountable, in usually small operational space or other limited conditions of existing structures. Example: Viaduct in South Italy

Reconstruction on historical sites

Craig House reconstruction

  • New Elevetor Tank is used on historical sites, where infrastructure improvements are needed, like the underground water storage tank that prevents flooding. Example: Craig House, Scotland
  • Airplast is used to build slabs of historical complex extension, providing fast concrete moulding and shorter construction time. Example: Antica corte, Lecco