Geocell easily increases drainage areas


As water management and flooding resilience are more demanding, we recognized the need for a solution that easily and efficiently increases drained areas. For this reason we designed Geocell.

It prevents surface accumulation of rainwater and flooding by turning parks, meadows, permeable pavements, parking lots, and other surfaces easily into draining areas and it is very easy to install. By increasing drained areas and lowering dependency on sewage systems every project becomes more resilient to water risks.


Geocell benefits

Geocell provides faster rainwater runoff and drainage on local level, creating a thin drainage layer under parking lots, outdoor sport facilities, and pavements. Its main advantages are:

  • Shallow excavation – 30 % of the depth needed for gravel layer,
  • Easy and fast installation (one worker can install 100 m2 / per hour),
  • Bidirectional water flow (vertical and horizontal) that provides,
  • Reduction of surface runoff,
  • High capacity – 27.6 l / m2 of rainwater can be stored within Geocell grid,
  • Faster and more effective disposal of water toward the canalization,
  • Reduction of the vertical hydraulic forces under the paving,
  • Mechanical resistance and stability – grid is mechanically resistant, even under surfaces with heavy vehicles transit,
  • Adjustability to any slope of terrain,
  • Void ratio of 91 %, which provides higher accumulation rate during heavy rains than with commonly used gravel drainage layer.

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