Walkable terrace of the Observatory in Marana di Crespadoro

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Location: Osservatorio di Marana di Crespadoro (VI)
Contractor: Facchin Calcestruzzi srl - Recoaro Terme (VI)
Supervisor: geom. Cavaion Andrea

Drainage of the walkable terrace of the Observatory in Marana was created with Geocell, our product designed specially for horizontal drainage. Geocell grids were placed directly onto waterproofing, and later covered with geotextile with a grammage of 300 g/m2. Finally, self-locking concrete pavement blocks were placed.

The system was designed to significantly improve the capacity of water discharge, at the same time drastically decreasing the thickness of the drainage layer, comparing to traditional solutions. 

Geocell resolves the problems typically connected to the use of self-locked blocks placed onto bases poorly permeable, from the moment in which, ensuring the efficient and fast drainage, prevents the appearance of hydraulic thrusts, condition which causes the degradation of the pavement and its lifting.

Advantages of use of Geocell:

  • Faster and more efficient disposal of rain water toward sewage, 
  • Stability of the self-locked pavement blocks; 
  • Reduction of hydraulic thrust;
  • Reduction of surface runoff;
  • Time of placing Geocell: 100 m2/hour.

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