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Symbiosis business district - Multimodulo

Multimodulo is formwork for ventilated foundation floors, designed as quadruple Modulo with nine supports. It is suitable for use of creation of large areas’ surfaces, foundations of residential, industrial, or public buildings. Its dimensions are 71 x 71 cm, and its height ranges from 13 to 40 cm, making it useful in creation of slabs, ramps, stairs, or large public squares. Multimodulo benefits any project with:

  • Cost reduction due to less use of concrete and fast installation,
  • Improved flooding resilience because of the crawl space that creates,
  • Improved seismic resilience due to light weight construction,
  • Firm monolithic foundations resistant to loads,
  • Prevention of toxic gases to enter the building,
  • Prevention of rising damp to get into the walls,
  • Improved sustainability due to reduced CO2 emission during concrete production.

Just like Modulo, Multimodulo also creates crawl space available for MEP and damp elimination in areas with high level of groundwater.

Here are projects in which Multimodulo was used for various purposes:

New campus at University of Padua, Italy

Foundations of new campus in complex of University of Padua were built with Multimodulo and Modulo formwork elements to provide 19,000 m2 large ventilation space that serves the buildings.

Teatro Luigi Russolo, Italy

Teatro Luigi Russolo - Multimodulo

Multimodulo was used to create slabs of the theater’s hall, and to create a sloped slab for the seat area. The crawl space was used to spread the ventilation equipment of the main theater space.

Residential building in Cape Town

Foundations of a residential building in Cape Town were built with Multimodulo H17 which served to protect the building from the groundwater. Multimodulo was chosen for its modularity and lightweight and easy transport on the construction site.

Symbiosis business district, Italy

Symbiosis business district - Multimodulo

Public space 5,000 m2 large between Symbiosis office building and Prada Foundation in Milan was created using Modulo, Multimodulo, and New Elevetor. These products were used to build different slopes of the vast square’s surface.

Multimodulo can be easily incorporated in the design process from its very beginning, which helps improve resilience, decrease of CO2 emissions during production and construction process, and making the very construction works simple, fast, and safe.
Multimodulo BIM library is available on our web site

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