Cities occupy 2 % of Earth yet emit 60 % of CO2

Cities occupy 2 % of Earth yet emit 60 % of CO2

Cities are major contributors to the climate crisis. They inhabit only 2 % of the Earth’s surface, yet account for more than 60 % of global carbon emissions. This makes each new development crucial in helping avoid future climate risks. Use these innovations to make your next construction project more sustainable.

Geoplast New Nautilus

Carbon emissions

The cement industry is one of the world’s greatest polluters, accounting for 8 % of global CO2 emissions. Our foundation and slab products reduce the use of concrete by up to 30 %, significantly improving the carbon footprint of your project.

Geoplast Completa

Energy efficiency

Poor insulation is the primary cause of wasted energy in buildings. Green roofs and walls minimize energy loss by providing additional insulation. They also increase green surfaces, which lowers outdoor temperatures, further reducing energy use.

Geoplast Runfloor

Urban heat island

Urban environments are sealed with asphalt, absorbing great amounts of heat in summer. Replacing asphalt with green driving and pedestrian areas wherever possible, decreases city temperatures, helping reduce urban heat island.

Geoplast Aquabox

Flood disasters

Flood disasters are increasing in frequency, ranking as one of the main climate crisis concerns in urban areas. Our water innovations easily adjust to any available space, preserving the natural water cycle and increasing the city’s stormwater resilience.

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